What is RFID?

What is RFID. A scanner with card

What is RFID?

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What is RFID?

Many are familiar with using barcodes and 2D symbols for product identification. This can include material handling, production, and logistics to name a few. Also, printed machine-readable symbols are widely accepted for access control and personal identification.

For decades, as an alternative to traditional 1D and 2D codes, there have been new variations in the area of RFID. Some of the larger retailers specifically, are looking at and/or using RFID tags and labels. Furthermore, while there are some advantages of implementing RFID, the costs versus the benefits need to be taken into consideration. Also, as with any other typical business decision. this may make data acquisition easier.

Some advantages are-

  • Does not require line of sight configuration between the reader and label/tag
  • Most importantly it may speed up scanning and thus reducing labor costs.
  • Allows returnable and reusable containers to be tracked across the supply chain and manage those assets.

Some disadvantages are-

  • RFID is susceptible to environmental conditions if the labels have considerable metal or liquid, multiple types of system configurations may be required
  • The cost of RFID labels/tags is still significantly higher than traditional methods
  • Also, Equipment, installation, implementation, and system support may be much more than 1D and 2D solutions.
  • Lastly, there are clear advantages for both 1D/2D and RFID solutions. To determine the best solution for your requirements.

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