Omron Microscan V430-F000N12M-SRX


Omron Microscan V430-F000N12M-SRX
Range: Autofocus
Optics: Ultra High Density
Sensor: SXGA, 1.2 MP, Mono
Light Source: Red
Decoder: X-Mode Decoder

Microscan V430-F000N12M-SRX Industrial Ethernet Barcode Reader

The Omron Microscan V430-F000N12M-SRX is a fixed-mount barcode reader designed for high-precision and efficient reading of a wide range of 1D and 2D barcodes in both well-lit and moderately low-light industrial environments. It combines reliable performance with advanced features, making it suitable for demanding applications where accuracy, speed, and versatility are crucial.

Key Features:
  • 1.2MP monochrome CMOS sensor with X-Mode decoder: Captures details for diverse barcodes, even on challenging surfaces like plastics, metal, and textured materials.
  • Wide field of view: Also accommodates larger barcodes or multiple codes within the 50mm focal range.
  • Fast decoding speed (up to 30 fps): This also ensures efficient capture, even at high conveyor speeds.
  • White LED ring light + High-power blue LED illuminator: Provides consistent illumination for various barcode types and surfaces.
  • Red aiming beam: Assists with precise alignment and barcode targeting.
  • Rugged design: IP65/IP67 dustproof and waterproof construction withstands harsh environments.
  • Flexible communication options: Also connects via Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP, and PROFINET.
  • M12 connectors: Industry-standard connectors for robust and reliable power and communication.
  • Xtreme Performance (X-P) mode: Further optimizes decoding speed and accuracy for challenging barcodes.
  • Versatility: Handles a wide range of barcode types and conditions, including low-light and challenging surfaces.
  • Fast and accurate: Reads barcodes quickly and precisely, even at high speeds and for complex codes.
  • Reliable: Dustproof, waterproof, and secure connections for harsh environments.
  • Feature-rich: Offers enhanced illumination with blue LED, aiming beam, M12 connectors, X-P mode, and various communication options.
  • Similar core features to V430-F000W03M-SRX and V430-F050W03M-SRX in terms of camera and illumination.
  • Also stands out for its aiming beam, M12 connectors, and X-P mode.
  • More affordable than models with also color cameras or adjustable focus.

Overall: The Omron Microscan V430-F000N12M-SRX is a powerful and versatile choice for industrial applications demanding exceptional barcode reading performance in diverse environments. Its high speed, accuracy, enhanced illumination, and advanced features make it ideal for challenging use cases where reliable capture and efficiency are critical.

Consider models with higher resolution sensors, adjustable focus, or also color cameras if your needs involve highly detailed barcodes, wider distance ranges, or complex colored codes.

Range: Autofocus
Optics: Ultra High Density
Sensor: SXGA, 1.2 MP, Mono
Light Source: Red
Decoder: X-Mode Decoder



Ultra High Density


1.2 MP, Mono, SXGA




X-Mode Decoder