Omron Microscan FIS-0870-0006G Raster Laser Scanner


QX-870;Barcode Reader;Sweep Rastar;1D codes;RS232/422/485;High Density
Connection: RS232/422/485
Optics: High Density

Microscan FIS-0870-0006G Industrial Raster Laser Scanner

The Omron Microscan FIS-0870-0006G, also known as the QX-870, is a high-performance industrial fixed-mount raster laser scanner. It is designed for reliable reading of multiple 1D barcodes within a defined area in various automation applications.

Key Features:
  • Programmable Sweeping Raster: Reads multiple barcodes within a customizable area. Thus eliminating the need for precise barcode alignment. Ideal for dynamic conveyor belts or irregularly placed items.
  • High Density Decoding: Reads intricate or high-density 1D barcodes with improved accuracy,. Also offering a wider application reach.
  • High Speed Reading: Processes multiple barcodes quickly and efficiently, boosting productivity in fast-paced environments.
  • Long Read Range: Reads barcodes from 25 mm to 762 mm (1 inch to 30 inches). Also providing flexibility in different scanning scenarios.
  • Compact Design: Saves space and integrates easily into tight environments.
  • Rugged Construction: IP65-rated enclosure protects against dust, water, and oil splashes, making it suitable for harsh industrial settings.
  • Digital Outputs: Provides three digital outputs (1VDC-28VDC / opto-isolated) for control signals and automation integration.
  • Easy Configuration: Web-based interface allows for user-friendly setup and configuration.
  • Flexible Connectivity: Supports Serial, Ethernet, and EtherNet/IP protocols for seamless integration into various systems.
  • Quick Connect System: Allows for easy cable changes and maintenance. Thus minimizing downtime.
Additional Features:
  • AIM standard compliance for data formatting consistency.
  • Field of view indicator for precise scanning area visualization.
  • Multiple data formatting options for flexible integration.

The Omron Microscan FIS-0870-0006G is a powerful and versatile solution for reading multiple 1D barcodes, including high-density codes. Also across a wide area in demanding industrial environments. Its advanced decoding capabilities, programmable raster scanning, and flexible connectivity options make it suitable for diverse applications. Especially those requiring efficient and reliable barcode reading of intricate or challenging codes.

QX-870;Barcode Reader;Sweep Rastar;1D codes;RS232/422/485;High Density
Connection: RS232/422/485
Optics: High Density



High Density