Omron Microscan V430-F050M50C-SWP


Omron Microscan V430-F050M50C-SWP
Range: 50 mm
Optics: High Density
Sensor: QSXGA, 5 MP, Color
Light Source: White
Decoder: 1D/2D Decoder

Microscan V430-F050M50C-SWP Industrial Ethernet Barcode Reader

The Omron Microscan V430-F050M50C-SWP is a high-performance, fixed-mount barcode scanner designed for industrial applications demanding reliable and rapid code reading, even in harsh environments.

Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

Core Functionality:

  • Exceptional Decoding: Reads 1D, 2D, and Direct Part Marking (DPM) barcodes with exceptional accuracy and speed, even on damaged, low-quality, or poorly printed codes.
  • Rugged and Compact: Boasts an IP65/67-rated, die-cast aluminum housing for unwavering protection against dust, water, and extreme temperatures, making it ideal for harsh industrial environments.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Supports multiple communication interfaces like Ethernet, RS-232, and USB for seamless integration into various automation systems.
Technical Specifications:
  • High-Resolution Imaging: A 5MP CMOS sensor captures crisp and detailed barcode images for effortless decoding.
  • Liquid Lens Autofocus: This optional feature (indicated by “M50” in the model code) dynamically adjusts focus for reading barcodes at varying distances, ideal for dynamic work environments.
  • Multiple Lighting Options: Built-in white LEDs provide ample illumination for most barcode types. Additional lighting options like red and blue LEDs are available for specialized applications like reading codes on specific materials.
  • Advanced X-Mode Image Processing: Enhances image contrast and clarity, optimizing barcode readability under challenging lighting conditions or on damaged surfaces.
Key Differences from V430-F050M50C-SWX:

While the V430-F050M50C-SWP shares many features with the SWX model, there are some key differences:

  • Liquid Lens Autofocus: The SWX model includes optional liquid lens autofocus, while the SWP version does not.
  • Trigger Mode: The SWP configuration specifically includes trigger mode functionality, whereas the SWX might require additional configuration or specific models.

Overall, the Omron Microscan V430-F050M50C-SWP is a powerful and versatile barcode scanner that delivers exceptional decoding performance, rugged construction, and advanced features with the SWP configuration catering to specific application needs. Choosing between the SWP and SWX models depends on your specific requirements for liquid lens autofocus and trigger mode functionality.

Range: 50 mm
Optics: High Density
Sensor: QSXGA, 5 MP, Color
Light Source: White
Decoder: 1D/2D Decoder

1 mm


High Density


5 MP, Color, QSXGA




1D/2D Decoder