Omron Microscan V420-F190M03M-SWP


Omron Microscan V420,190M,03M, STD-WHT,PLUS
Range: 190 mm
Optics: High Density
Sensor: WVGA, 0.3 MP, Mono
Light Source: White
Decoder: 1D/2D Decoder

Microscan V420-F190M03M-SWP Industrial Serial Barcode Reader

The Omron Microscan V420-F190M03M-SWP barcode scanner stands out with its combination of robust features and intelligent capabilities. This makes it ideal for demanding applications requiring accurate and also efficient scanning.

  • Imager: 1.2 MP monochrome
  • Focus: Fixed at 300mm
  • Illuminator: White LED
  • Field of view: 271mm
  • Connectivity: Serial, USB 2.0, Ethernet over USB
  • Environmental rating: IP54 (dustproof and splashproof)
  • Decoding technology: X-Mode advanced decoding
Key Features:
  • Fixed Focus at 300mm: Ensures consistent and accurate barcode reading at a precise distance, perfect for conveyor belts, sorting stations, and also close-up scanning tasks.
  • Bright White LED Illuminator: Provides ample, diffused light for improved performance in low-light environments. This can also minimize errors without the potential heat concerns of red LEDs.
  • Expansive Field of View (271mm): Captures a wider area compared to standard models. This reduces the need for precise barcode positioning within the fixed distance range and also improves operational efficiency.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Offers Serial, USB 2.0, and Ethernet over USB options for integration into various network and also data transmission setups.
  • X-Mode Advanced Decoding: Handles even damaged or poorly printed barcodes with exceptional accuracy. Also minimizing delays and maintaining smooth workflow.
  • Multiple Trigger Modes: Software, hardware, and barcode triggers provide flexibility for seamless integration into automated or manual scanning workflows.
  • Web-based Configuration and Diagnostics: Simplifies setup and maintenance through a user-friendly interface.
  • Consistent and accurate barcode reading at a fixed distance of 300mm.
  • Improved low-light performance with the bright white LED illuminator.
  • A wide field of view reduces positioning precision requirements.
  • Versatile connectivity options for diverse networks and also data transmission needs.
  • Advanced decoding technology minimizes errors with damaged or also poorly printed barcodes.
  • User-friendly web interface for configuration and diagnostics.
  • Smart features enhance operational efficiency and data integration.
V420,190M,03M, STD-WHT,PLUS
Range: 190 mm
Optics: High Density
Sensor: WVGA, 0.3 MP, Mono
Light Source: White
Decoder: 1D/2D Decoder

1 mm


High Density


0.3 MP, Mono, WVGA




1D/2D Decoder