Omron Microscan V420-F081M50C-SWP


Omron Microscan V420,081M,50C,STD-WHT,PLUS
Range: 81 mm
Optics: High Density
Sensor: QSXGA, 5 MP, Color
Light Source: White
Decoder: 1D/2D Decoder

Microscan V420-F081M50C-SWP Industrial Serial Barcode Reader

The Omron Microscan V420-F081M50C-SWP is a compact and versatile barcode reader designed for demanding industrial applications where accurate and efficient barcode reading is crucial at mid-range distances. It also combines top-notch performance with the convenience of wireless connectivity. This makes it ideal for tasks in dynamic environments requiring flexibility and adaptability.

Key Features:
  • Micro Design: Fits snugly into tight spaces and integrates seamlessly into machinery, measuring just 44.5 x 38.1 x 25.4 mm (1.75 x 1.5 x 1 in).
  • Mid-Range Performance: A 0.5 MP VGA CMOS sensor and white LED light source confidently read 1D and 2D barcodes at distances up to 500 mm (19.7 in), perfect for mid-range scanning tasks.
  • Advanced Decoding Technology: Reads a wide range of barcode symbologies, including challenging ones like damaged, low-contrast, poorly printed, or scratched codes.
  • Rugged and Reliable: IP54-rated for dust and water resistance, it thrives in harsh industrial environments.
  • Wireless Freedom: Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity eliminates cable entanglement and simplifies installation, especially in complex setups.
  • Corner-Exit Cable: Provides increased flexibility for integration into OEM applications, reducing cable clutter and also simplifying installation in tight spaces.
  • X-Mode Technology: This variant boasts the SWP feature, meaning it incorporates enhanced X-Mode technology for reading challenging barcodes with low contrast, poor quality, or also damage.
Additional Notes:
  • The “F081” variant features a higher resolution sensor compared to the “F102” variants.
  • The “M50C” variant uses a middle-range sensor compared to the “W03M” close-range sensor and also the “W12M” long-range sensor.

Overall, the Omron Microscan V420-F081M50C-SWP is a powerful and versatile mid-range barcode reader that delivers exceptional performance in a compact package. It’s a combination of high-resolution imaging for its sensor class, wireless freedom, rugged construction, convenient corner-exit cable, and X-Mode technology.

This is good for tackling challenging barcodes making it the perfect choice for demanding industrial and commercial applications. Also where space is limited, accuracy is crucial, and maneuverability is key.

Range: 81 mm
Optics: High Density
Sensor: QSXGA, 5 MP, Color
Light Source: White
Decoder: 1D/2D Decoder

1 mm


High Density


5 MP, Color, QSXGA




1D/2D Decoder