Omron Microscan V420-F050M50C-NNP


Omron Microscan V420,050M,50C,NONE,PLUS
Range: 50 mm
Optics: High Density
Sensor: QSXGA, 5 MP, Color
Light Source: None
Decoder: 1D/2D Decoder

Microscan V420-F050M50C-NNP Industrial Serial Barcode Reader

The Omron Microscan V420-F050M50C-NNP is a compact and powerful fixed-mount barcode scanner designed for demanding industrial automation and machine vision applications, particularly those requiring color image capture and a plug-and-play setup. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

Compact and Rugged:
  • Ultra-compact: Measuring only 44.5mm x 38.1mm x 25.4mm, it seamlessly integrates into tight spaces within existing setups.
  • IP54 rated: Dust and water-resistant, making it suitable for harsh industrial environments.
  • Corner-exit cable: Provides flexibility for installation and routing without cable clutter.
Powerful Performance:
  • High-resolution 5 MP color CMOS sensor: Captures detailed images for accurate decoding of a wide range of 1D and 2D barcodes, even damaged or poorly printed ones. Additionally, it captures color-coded information, ideal for applications like sorting items based on color.
  • X-Mode advanced decoding algorithms: Enhance reading performance in challenging conditions like low light, high contrast, and distorted codes.
  • Standard white LED illumination: Provides adequate brightness for most applications.
  • Red aiming beam: Assists with precise alignment and also barcode targeting.
Flexibility and Connectivity:
  • High-density 15-pin connector: Offers multiple communication options including Serial, USB 2.0, and Ethernet over USB for seamless integration with various systems.
  • Plug-and-play setup: Eliminates the need for configuration via the WebLink interface, simplifying deployment and reducing setup time.
  • A broad range of accessories: Includes cables, power supplies, and optical accessories for various mounting and also lighting needs (optional).
Comparison with Similar Models:
  • Compared to the V420-F050M50C-SWX, which also has color capture, the NNP model offers the advantage of a plug-and-play setup. This makes it ideal for applications requiring quick deployment.
  • Compared to the V420-F064M50C-NNP, which has a similar sensor resolution (5 MP), the F050M50C-NNP has a wider field of view. Also making it suitable for scanning larger barcodes or capturing multiple codes simultaneously.

Overall, the Omron Microscan V420-F050M50C-NNP is a powerful and versatile micro-sized barcode scanner with exceptional performance, color image capture capabilities, and a convenient plug-and-play setup. Alos, its compact size, high-resolution sensor, flexible connectivity, and ease of use make it a valuable asset for demanding industrial and commercial applications. Especially where space is limited, color-coded information is crucial, and quick deployment is essential.

Range: 50 mm
Optics: High Density
Sensor: QSXGA, 5 MP, Color
Light Source: None
Decoder: 1D/2D Decoder

1 mm


High Density


5 MP, Color, QSXGA




1D/2D Decoder