Omron Microscan V330-F300M50C-NNP


Omron Microscan V320,300M,50C,NONE,PLUS
Range:300 mm
Sensor:SXGA – 1.2 MP – Mono
Optics: High Density
Decoder: X-Mode Decoder


Omron Microscan V330 Compact Ethernet Barcode Reader

The Omron Microscan V330-F300M50C-NNP is a micro-sized, high-performance color barcode scanner designed to tackle demanding industrial applications where accuracy and versatility are paramount. Its compact size, powerful engine, and advanced features make it a compelling choice for tasks requiring color recognition and reading complex codes.

Key Features:
  • Micro-sized: Measuring just 63.0 x 40.0 x 24.1 mm, it seamlessly integrates into tight spaces and embedded applications.
  • High-resolution 5MP color camera: Captures intricate details and color information, enabling accurate reading of colored barcodes, logos, and other visual markings.
  • Powerful scanning engine: Reads a wide range of 1D, 2D, and DPM (direct part mark) barcodes, even under challenging conditions like poor lighting or damaged labels.
  • Advanced decoding algorithms: Ensures reliable reading of complex or distorted barcodes and color-coded symbologies.
  • Durable construction: IP40-rated for dust and water resistance, built to withstand harsh industrial environments.
  • Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity: Provides stable data transmission for network integration.
  • NNP version: Offers potentially unique functionalities depending on the specific configuration, such as:
    • Enhanced triggering options for improved scan control.
    • Improved communication protocols for enhanced network security or real-time data feedback.
    • Special aiming systems for improved targeting accuracy.
    • Note that the specific functionalities depend on the exact configuration.
Comparison to Other Models:
  • Compared to other micro scanners: The V330 boasts a powerful scanning engine, versatile connectivity, and color imaging capabilities.
  • Compared to standard V330 models: The NNP version offers potentially enhanced features depending on the configuration.
  • Compared to models without color camera: The V330 captures color information for accurate reading of color-coded symbologies and visual markings.
  • Compared to models without Ethernet: The V330 offers network integration for centralized data management.

If you require accurate and efficient barcode scanning in a compact form factor with network connectivity, color imaging capabilities, and potentially unique functionalities. In that case, the Omron Microscan V330-F300M50C-NNP is a compelling choice for demanding applications across various industries.

Range:300 mm
Sensor:SXGA – 1.2 MP – Mono
Optics: High Density
Decoder: X-Mode Decoder



300 mm


SXGA – 1.2 MP – Mono


High Density


X-Mode Decoder