The Omron Microscan V410-H is a high-resolution handheld barcode scanner offering exceptional accuracy and performance. It provides a wide range of configuration options to tailor its functionality to your specific needs.

Here are the key areas you can configure in the V410-H scanner:

1. Host Interface:

  • Choose between USB HID Keyboard Emulation, RS-232, and USB CDC (Virtual COM).
  • Configure baud rate, parity, and other communication parameters.

2. Format Output:

  • Append characters like carriage return or tab after each data string.
  • Add prefixes and suffixes to the decoded data.
  • Choose the output format (e.g., raw data, GS1-128, etc.).

3. Decode:

  • Enable or disable specific 1D and 2D barcode symbologies.
  • Adjust symbology parameters like quiet zone and minimum symbol size.
  • Configure advanced decoding features like X-Mode for challenging barcodes.

4. Performance:

  • Adjust the decoder effort to optimize scan speed and accuracy for your specific application.
  • Configure image capture settings like exposure time and gain.
  • Modify lighting settings for optimal performance in different environments.

5. Trigger Mode:

  • Choose between continuous scanning, single scan mode, and manual trigger mode.
  • Configure trigger delay and hold time.

6. Beeper and LED Indicators:

  • Customize the beeper and LED indicators for different scanning outcomes (e.g., good read, error, etc.).
  • Adjust the volume and intensity of the beeper and LEDs.

7. Power Management:

  • Set the backlight timeout and auto-off timer to optimize battery life.
  • Configure the power saving mode to reduce power consumption when the scanner is not in use.

8. Advanced Configuration:

  • Access advanced settings like image rotation, data editing, and communication protocols.
  • Configure custom settings for specific applications.

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