HS-360X Configuration

The HS-360X is a high-performance handheld DPM scanner from Omron Microscan. It offers a wide range of configuration options to meet your specific needs.

Remember that the specific configuration options available may vary depending on your HS-360X model and firmware version.

Here are some of the key areas you can configure:

1. Host Interface:

USB HID Keyboard Emulation

SNAPI with Imaging Interface

USB CDC Host (Virtual COM)


2. Format Output:

Append Return or Tab after each string of data output.

Choose from a wide variety of keyboard characters that can be output as a preamble or postamble.

Add a second postamble if required.

3. Decode:

Enable or disable specific symbologies (1D and 2D).

Modify specific symbology parameters.

4. Performance (DPM Optimization):

Adjust the Decoder Effort slider to optimize for your specific application.

High decoder effort is recommended for challenging DPMs.

Low decoder effort is recommended for faster scanning of high-contrast barcodes.

5. Trigger Mode:

Continuous scanning

Single scan mode

Manual trigger mode

6. Beeper and LED Indicators:

Customize the beeper and LED indicators for different scanning outcomes.

7. Power Management:

Set the backlight timeout and auto-off timer to optimize battery life.

8. Advanced Configuration:

Access advanced settings such as image capture, lighting control, and communication parameters.

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