GB2200 Rugged Barcode Comparison Scanner

GB-X4 Golden Barcode, Barcode Comparison Checker

The GB2200 Rugged Barcode Comparison Scanner is a dedicated purpose-built device designed to quickly and effectively compare and match barcodes to ensure the content is correct.

Error-free and easy to use, the barcode comparison program compares two barcodes or a continuous string of barcodes to confirm a match or signal a mismatch.

Ideal for warehouse order fulfillment, pick and pack, and hospital/pharmacy medication verification. The Golden Barcode Scanner will save time and money by increasing operational efficiency and reducing errors.

  • Efficient – Verify barcodes in seconds
  • Simple – No requirement for a trained operator
  • Convenient – Portable one-handed operation
  • Reliable – durable industrial hardware
  • Accurate – No reading errors
  • *Please allow a 1-2 week lead time when ordering.

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