MicroHAWK V430 Success Story

1D-2D Code Readers Omron V430

MicroHAWK V430 Success Story

MicroHAWK V430 Success Story. Omron helps packaging equipment manufacturers design a flexible system for reading barcodes on bottle labels using MicroHAWK V430

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Omron helps packaging equipment manufacturers design a flexible system for reading barcodes on bottle labels using MicroHAWK V430 for success

Packaging Efficiency Solutions (PES), a packaging equipment manufacturer based in Denville, NJ that specializes in solutions for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and also nutraceutical companies, was approached by several customers seeking a reliable system for reading barcodes on bottle labels to improve serialization and verification. The target customers for this system would be pharmaceutical manufacturers and CMOs engaged in serialization activities as well as consumer goods. Furthermore, CMOs use the system to allow label and print verification on all bottle sizes and shapes.

As with any automated system meant to work for a variety of end users, flexibility was paramount. To make the new system accessible to the broadest possible range of customers, PES needed to keep the overall machine footprint small and invest in highly intuitive technology that would minimize installation and maintenance needs. Finally, PES was hoping for a system that would exceed the level of reliability currently being used by its customers.

PES tapped Omron to design the new system

Omron selected its popular MicroHAWK barcode readers as the key technology.  As a local company, Great Lakes Barcode is able to provide quick support with respect to implementation and optimization.

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