Is Omron a Good Place to Work at?

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Is Omron a Good Place to Work at?

Is Omron a Good Place to Work at? Read what Omron veteran, Mark Sadie has to say about this last 20+ years with Omron!

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Is Omron a Good Place to Work at?

The question posed was- Do you think that that ethos is part of why there are so many people who have really had very long careers here? It doesn’t seem like many people leave Omron.

Mark Sadie

That’s a very good question. It’s absolutely something I see. I mean, just personally, from my own experience, and I think many of us, right, we always have opportunities come along one way or the other people contacting you.

It’s easy for me to, you know, ignore or send a quick message: Hey, I really am very happy where I am today. And what I’m doing, and I lay my head on my pillow at night and sleep very easily knowing what we’ve accomplished and what our, what we’re, our mission is as a whole.

So and so you know, 20-plus for me. And that’s after making a few moves in the past from good companies to not-bad companies. I worked at very good companies in the past. I’ve never seen quite an organization like this at Omron where people live out their values so transparently.

Carrie Lee

Yeah, I mean, I’ve only been here, you know, 2.5 years, and it’s definitely something I’ve personally have noticed, it’s interesting to hear you put it in a much better phrasing than I ever could have.

Kenny Heidel

Right, right. I completely agree. It’s been nothing, nothing but fun. And, you know, interesting challenges, right? And I feel like that’s, that’s one of the really cool things about what Omron gives us the opportunity to do.

So, Mark, you put very fabulous comments together about Omron and how it’s changed. I’m curious to hear what you know, what’s your vision for Omron for the next five years? You know, where do you see us going? What’s something that you kind of see us driving to that you think is really going to make a difference along those lines of what we’re trying to do?

Mark Sadie

Is Omron a Good Place to Work?
That’s another good question. I think there are always a lot of things we talk about wanting to do in the coming years. And, you know, we’ve probably got a list like anybody, you know, of 30 or 40 items, but we got to focus on a couple, you know, maybe one or two to really be effective. That’s one thing I’ve learned.

And so if I were to focus on two main areas, it’s probably some of the, you know, topics, we’ve talked a little bit about, first and foremost, continuing our efforts to focus on the customer and improve their experience in dealing with Omron.

So we will make strategic investments down the road specifically for that, we’ll do the continued voice of customer surveys, face-to-face interactions will visit their operations, we want to, we want to be at, you know, the table with them, we want to be on the factory floor with them.

We want to roll up our sleeves and be right beside and learning and understanding and just having a very intimate relationship that we are, you know, more than partners, we’re almost family, you know, I think of Omron as a family.

And I think of our customers as an extension of that. Because what we provide them, ultimately, they’re providing to the rest of the world. And so you’re not focused on our customers. When I think about five years from now, I hope that intimacy will be at a, just a profound level throughout our organization.

And then secondly

We’re committed to an industry strategy that we set forth about five years ago. Where, you know, again, it was focused on the customers, but it was focused in certain industries where we felt we had the best ability to help tackle their issues and some industries that are serving society and serving our communities in the best ways.

So if we continue our efforts focused around solutions in those industries, you know, we have experienced great growth in the Americas over the past five years, aside from kind of the flattening out of this past year of COVID, we’ve had some really nice growth over the past five years.

And I completely expect as we look at, you know, the next five years, Omron across the Americas, particularly, being a, you know, one of the major if not the major player in automation across the board, and that’s only going to come when we really understand the customer better and their needs, and we’re responding directly to those.

Kenny Heidel

No, absolutely, absolutely. I would I completely agree with that. Customer focus is that you know, I have The one thing that I always think about with Omron is some of the first customer visits that I went on with Omron and you, you traveled to different areas, and customers could be all different shapes and sizes, right? But some of the things that they’re innovating are these different engineers, it’s just amazing how customers are using Omron products. So I think, really understanding that definitely paves the way for a great, great future for Omron.

Mark Sadie

it’s literally the words of our founder, the thrill of creation, you know, and it is, you’re right, our customers, they are amazing, and some of the things they do, and it is fascinating to see the innovation and ingenuity with which, you know, the human spirit just thrives and develops and creates. And that’s that’s one of the best things about working at Omron, also.

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