Introducing the addition of the QX-830 Laser Barcode Scanner 

1D barcode fixed Omron Microscan QX-830 bar code scanner

Great Lakes Barcode Introduces the addition of the QX-830 Laser Barcode Scanner 

Our recently added scanner offers high-performance decoding capabilities and flexible connectivity for reliable barcode reading in almost any automated environment 

Brooklyn Park, MN – 6/17/2023 – Great Lakes Barcode today announced the introduction of the QX-830 laser barcode scanner, a new industrial-grade scanner that combines high-performance decoding capabilities with flexible connectivity to reliably read 1D barcodes in almost any automation environment. 

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QX-830 Laser Barcode Scanner 

The QX-830 features X-Mode technology, which decodes damaged, poorly printed, or misaligned codes. The scanner also features a wide read range of up to 762 mm (about 2.5 ft), at up to a 254 mm (about 10 in) beam width, and embedded Ethernet protocols for high-speed communication. 

“The QX-830 is a powerful new addition to our portfolio of industrial barcode scanners,” “With its high-performance decoding capabilities and flexible connectivity, the QX-830 is ideal for a wide range of applications, including manufacturing, logistics, and retail.” 

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