UPC Number and UPC Barcode Scanner

4. What is a UPC barcode?

Barcodes on packaged foods are an example of the UPC-A code format. It is 12 digits long and looks something like this: The UPC number itself is referred to as the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number). The GTIN is made up of two parts: The UPC Company Prefix and the number that you have assigned …

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3. Is there a cost to a UPC number?

The fee is determined by the number of unique products you need to identify as well as gross sales revenue. the prices vary so greatly, only GS1 can give you an accurate cost for this.

2. How do I obtain a UPC number?

Only GS1 US can issue you a globally unique “GS1 Company Prefix” that is used to create UPC numbers. Follow this link for all the information you need to start this process: Apply for a UPC Barcode

1. Do I need a UPC number?

If you sell products to a distributor or a retailer, you will need a UPC barcode. Although it is best to contact the company selling your product to find out their policy on UPC barcodes. When you obtain your UPC number, you will also get a certificate authenticating your number. Most retailers require proof of …

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