Barcode Scanning

4. Can I read a barcode off of a screen?

In order to read a barcode off of a screen, you will need to have a 2D imaging scanner as it processes images as opposed to reflected light. A standard laser barcode scanner will not be able to read anything from a screen.

3. How far is the range of a cordless barcode scanner?

The range of a cordless barcode scanner does vary by model but most units use Bluetooth (Class 2) technology and have a range of 33 feet. Also, some of the rugged barcode scanners will use Class 1 Bluetooth which has a range of over 300ft.

1. How does a barcode scanner work?

A barcode scanner picks up the black and white elements of the barcode which follow a specific algorithm that is turned into a corresponding text string by the scanner. Then this information is then sent over to your computer by the scanner no different than a standard keyboard does. And this string of text will populate where …

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